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Diesel fuel and petrol filters

The contaminants found in fuel reach, along with it, the entire admission system thus causing irreversible damage to precision components. A further threat may come when air that is too moist finds its way into the interior of an engine’s chamber, or when there are temperature fluctuations over a twenty-four hour period. The presence of water leads to a reduction in the quality of the fuel to a similar degree as that caused by particulates. A further problem, especially in winter, is paraffin precipitation. This can block the flow of fuel in the system, and also in the interior of the filter, and cause difficulties with starting the engine.   

The function of a fuel filter is to protect against corrosion and against the wear of the component parts of the fuel system (pump, carburettor, injection pump and elements of the injection system) and against the penetration of particles into the engine’s combustion chamber which, in turn, protects the piston rings and cylinder liners. Sharp particulates of the range 5÷20 µm are most destructive for fuel injection systems.

We offer three kinds of fuel filters that perform their functions perfectly: 
  • Fuel filter elements – replaceable elements with a star-shaped pleated medium, which ensure an effective filtration surface mounted on a pressure-resistant central core. 
  • Spin-on filters – integrated elements with a metal casing.
  • Conduit filters  – adapted for fitting in a fuel system.


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