About company

The EXMOT enterprise, the manufacturer and supplier of filters, was established in 1991 as a company that was regenerating the components and replacements. One year later the company started to produce its own filters due to market demands. At the very beginning the company was limited to the production and regeneration of filters used by some haulage firms. After a short while, products made by EXMOT won the acclaim of a huge number of customers which was the consequence of a constant development of the company and its increasing position in the market.

Nowadays, EXMOT offers around 1000 products and the most important parts are air, oil and fuel filters to trucks and delivery vans. We also produce agricultural, hydraulic and industry filters. Using high quality materials made by well-known producers and the modern technology of production and control are the main reasons for EXMOT’s high quality filters. The combination of our own experience and cooperation with research and development units makes it possible to create innovative products of a high standard. The guarantee of the high quality of our products is the management system carried out by the rules of ISO 9001/2008 under the supervision of DEKRA Certification.

Our clients are mostly wholesalers and auto shops located allover Poland, shipping enterprises, car repair firms, etc. Moreover, export is a huge part of EXMOT’s turnover. This is predominantly done with European Union countries, but also with Eastern Europe and Asia.