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About company

Where experience meets modern technologies
EXMOT company was established in 1991 as a company that was regenerating the components and replacements. One year later the company started to produce its own filters – at the beginning the offer included filters for few brands or trucks.
Over the years market share of the brand was constantly growing. In 2000 the company’s headquarters was changed to the current location.
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Nowadays EXMOT offers more than 1000 products. Mostly these are air, oil and fuel filters for trucks and vans. The assortment also includes several  industrial, hydraulic, agriculture and LPG filters.

For several years, EXMOT has been intensively investing in modern technologies and constantly expanding its machinery park. By using the latest production solutions, it produces filters with innovative technological solutions.
To meet the growing demand for EXMOT products, a new production and warehouse hall was built in 2017.

Through the development and expanding new manufacturing capabilities, the company strengthens its position in the market and accents the significant impact of IAM on the automotive development in both local and global scope.

On 1 February 2023, the company was transformed into a Limited Liability Company. The current name of the company: EXMOT Sulewski Sp. z o.o.