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Air filters

The concentration of particulates on the roads ranges from 0.2 mg/m3 to as high as 200 mg/m3. Therefore, the air filters in cars are exposed to their effects during driving. If the air is not properly filtered, particles of dust and dirt penetrate the engine and, to a certain degree, the oil. In this way too, particulates reach critical areas, such as the clearances between the cylinder wall and the pistons, and between the piston rings and pins, where they cause wear and tear to the subassemblies. Unsatisfactory air filtration will also lead to losses in engine power, increased fuel use and more pollutant emissions.
The most wear and tear to engines is caused by particles of the dimensions 10÷40 µm, which are comparable with the dimensions of the clearances in engines. Air that is clean and free of moisture is therefore essential for engine life and performance. Our air elements ensure highly efficient filtration while retaining a rigid and durable construction.  

We produce two types of air filters:
  • Air filter elements, with a star-shaped filter medium constructed with metal covers or polyurethane sealant.
  • Safety filters – housed within the main element, ensure engine protection both during changes of the main element or when the main element is damaged. They are mainly used in very difficult conditions where the air is highly dust laden.
Do produkcji naszych filtrów używamy wysokiej jakości materiałów filtracyjnych, takich jak bibuła celulozowa impregnowana żywicami fenolowymi, akrylowymi i epoksydowymi oraz włókniny, takie jak polipropylen i poliester.


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