Katalog filtrów


Industrial filters

The filters used in industrial equipment and installations make up a broad group of products of diverse construction and with an extensive range of applications. Filtering processes are found in all sectors of modern industry that involve flows of liquids, gases and friable materials. Industrial filters have found uses in dedusting and ventilation equipment, in gas installations, heating systems, in compressors, in powder paint shops, automotive paint shops and in the plastics-processing industry. The dimensions of industrial particulates and dust range from around 1µm to 1000 µm. In the case of particulates from processes involving cast-iron, steel, welding and colouring pigments, this range may even begin from 0.1 µm.

All of these contaminants have a significant influence both on the technical processes and on the working environment. Because of this, these filters can also be employed with the aim of improving working conditions and protecting the natural environment. They are dedusting, ventilation and cleansing filters. Often they are used in continuous operation, including in self-cleaning systems. The requirements for industrial filters are specific and they are often built to exact orders and for a precise purpose, this means that they are unique in their construction and in the materials used.  


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