Filter catalogue

Top quality filter elements are essential in today's industry

Filtration belongs to all branches of modern industry where we can observe a flow of liquids, gases and bulk materials.                                                                                                                                                           
Pollution affects not only the equipment, but also the technological process and  working environment; therefore, good quality filters play an important role. Those used in the industrial equipment and installations are characterised by a wide variety of designs and applications. They improve working conditions, help to protect the environment, and just as important, extend machine uptime and reduce its maintenance costs.
Filter cartridges for industrial machines made by EXMOT guarantee a long lifetime and quality. This is made possible by using strong and effective filter media that meet the highest quality standards. EXMOT can offer filter cartridges for coating, sandblasting and shot blasting machines, electric drills, welding fume extractors, laser and plasma cutting machines, sewage treatment or biogas plants.