Katalog filtrów


Cabin filters

Cabin air filters are used to purify air taken from outside a given system. Using cabin air filters make driving car more comfortable and safe. Without cabin filters, all kinds of pollutants, smog, ozone, exhaust gases, unpleasant odours, fine particulates, or pollen can enter the passenger cabin. Ever more people are suffering from allergies. Cabin filters separating finest dusts and even rendering harmless allergens and bacteria. It is a great solution for alergics and people suffering from respiratory conditions. Cabin filters reduce the load on the blower and protect the HVAC system from contamination. Irreparable damage can occur to the air conditioning or heating system.

We offer you cabin filters  to most car brands and models. The materials used for the production of our implementations are derived from the best manufacturers. Check out our catalogue and find a best solution for your car.


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