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Helix polyester – ultrasonic fashion - how to dress filters

We are always open for new, we are constantly improving our products to meet our customer’s needs. We are one of the few companies in the world that produces filter’s covers made from polyester. This innovative technology is used for  all oil and fuel filter’s cartridges, and also for some air filter’s cartridges.  


What makes polyester filter’s covers special? How are they different from previously used paper’s covers?                            
+ Strength
+ Strength Polyester is a very durable material. It is more resistant to tearing, protects from damages and stabilizes pleats even better than paper.      
+ Ultrasonic method of material merging
+ Strength This new technology of material merging gives the material more strength and protects it from tearing. Our polyester covers does not have a stitch.      
+ Lower weight of the filter  
In the nearest future we are planning to replace metal external grids with polyester covers in air filter’s cartridges. Advantages of this solutions are i.a. :
  • it will reduce the weight of the filter,
  • it will be more safe during the montage – external grid could cause some injuries.
+ Higher moisture resistance
Helix polyester has hydrophobic properties and it absorbs less water than paper – that gives higher quality and durability to the product.
+ Esthetics
Using polyester instead of paper or external grid improves aesthetic values of the filter’s cartridges.
Helix polyester gives more benefits for filter's cartridges as well as during the montage and during using the filters, than traditional paper's covers.
Left: helix poliester, right: paper's cover
Left: air filter's cartridge with paper's cover, right: air filter's cartridge with helix poliester cover