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Hydraulic oil filters

Hydraulic systems work under high pressures and with variable liquid flows. This requires them to be highly effective and reliable during operation. Around 90% of all damage to hydraulic elements is caused by different kinds of contaminants. Particulates of a dimension of 5 µm to 15 µm are present in hydraulic fluid. Acting abrasively, these increase the size of the running clearances which, in turn, leads to an increase in leaks and reduced efficiency and speed in the mechanisms. Smaller contaminants have a similar effect, but over a longer period of time. There should be no more than around 1 mg of particulates to 1 litre of hydraulic fluid in a properly-functioning hydraulic system. The contaminants in a hydraulic system may originate either externally or internally. The external contaminants appear in the processes of production, repair and assembly of the system. They may also reach the system from the air or from a variety of forms of corrosion. These particulates are of a dimension of 1÷500 µm. The contaminants that originate internally do so as a result of abrasion, corrosion, fluid degradation, electrolysis, moisture and cavitation. They are of a dimension between 0.2 µm and 750 µm.

Filters are an essential element in hydraulic systems. Basically, they remove contaminants at a specified level and protect the hydraulic parts, such as pumps, valves and hydraulic cylinders. Our elements contain filtration mediums made from wire mesh, or from a cellulose material specially designed for the filtration of hydraulic oil. They are strengthened by a metal support and a durable core to ensure high and lasting efficiency in removing contaminants.


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